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What is Kitten Milk?

Kitten Milk is a Roblox exploit for Android and iOS devices. It execute scripts for exploiting the Roblox game using an executor. The developers Kitten Milk are KIKO, Amoy, Bomb Hacker, busmanl30, gelatinium, ijs.

It is the fastest Roblox exploit available for Android and iOS devices with zero lag and crash. Since there’s not a single bug present in Kitten Milk, it makes Kitten Milk the number one Roblox Mod Menu for Mobile devices.

Is Kitten Milk Available For Windows?

Currently Kitten Milk is available for Android and iOs Devices. However, there will be a Windows version coming soon. The Windows version needs more improvement and beta testing before it get released for the public. There’s no ETA for the same, it will be released on this website when it will available.

How to Download Kitten Milk for iOS?

Kitten Milk for iOs is only available for Jailbroken devices since Apple doesn’t allow such apps in App store. To download Kitten Milk in iOs devices, first jailbreak your device and add repo and install the Kitten Milk app.

Is Kitten Milk Virus?

No, Kitten Milk is not a virus and 100% safe to install in your mobile device. Some Anti-virus may claim it as a virus, due to the nature of the application. It is recommended to turn off any anti-virus program installed in your device.

Who Created Kitten Milk?

Kitten Milk is created by a team of developers who are passionate about programming and exploiting. The lead developer of Kitten Milk are KIKO and Amoy, while busmanl30 developed the iOS version.

Is Kitten Milk Level 10?

No, Kitten Milk level 7. There will be no executor that can be level 10.

Does Kitten Milk execute PC Script?

Yes, Kitten Milk can execute most of the PC scripts. But since it’s a mobile executor some script will not work.

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